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Fiona update: TeamFiona`s Favorite Selfies

Say cheese! TeamFiona shares their favorite selfies and memories of caring for baby Fiona.

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Fans reactions:

Ellen Jervis You all are such proud parents!! I would never get tired of you sharing your favorite baby pictures of Fiona. I would like to see all of them. But since I suppose there is only so much space on this Facebook page … well thank you so much for sharing this much with all of us who live vicariously through all of you. Thank you for fighting for her life and saving her for the world.

Sandra Neuman Haas She's growing up!! Will her temperament change as she grows older. Or is her bond with you strong enough for you to safely interact with you? Thanks for letting me share your experience. From Minnesota.. love fiona the hippo shirt

Liana Carbón I am so besotted with this precious girl and seeing all the photos was icing on the cake!! What wonderful memories for the staff!! Can I just say 1) I'm sooo jealous and 2) I'm immensely grateful for the love and care you all gave her!!

Jennifer Barth I just love seeing all of the wonderful memories of Fiona! She is such a joy! Thanks so much to Team Fiona for taking such good, loving care of Fi! 

Vicky Williams Derderian No wonder she’s so photogenic and people-curious, lol. Lots of practice with #TeamFiona You can feel her love for the care team. 

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