Fiona the Hippop Latest Update and Video On May 27th

Fiona coming to say hello! Hippos don't actually float or swim. They walk along the bottom and propel themselves to the surface for air.

fiona the hippo 

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Fiona smiles

Fiona the hippo  smile

Fiona the hippo smile

Premature Baby Hippo Fiona is 4 Months Old 


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Fans reactions

Cheryl Metzger I just love Fiona. I would like to jump in the water ( which looks inviting) with her, and give her a big hug.

Joanne Francy Hi Fiona!! I finally got to meet you today. You are so cute….moving around your pool and playing with mom. Biting her tail probably wasn't nice but it was fun to watch. Loved that little roll thing you did, too. You are just too cute

Dee Cross Awwwww i work in patient accounts and cranks on the phone.These pics bring a smile! Love Fiona! Coming to see her for my birthday in October.

Mary Polley Hi too our cute girl Fiona love her she is so sweet and so adorable thanks Cincy zoo for sharing this pic of our cute girl Fiona bye Mary

Brenda Sandefur I see Fiona walk, jump, propel through the water she just has a high time there. I love watching the videos you share, I will never make it to your place.

Susan Mayer I really appreciate that you keep their pool so clean. When I was a kid the Topeka Zoo's looked like a cess pool

Celine Stroinski OH Dear Fiona, my friend Julie Stewart has a mama and daddy duck in her yard. I wish you would come to Portland oregon and live in my neighborhood. Please! I know you would be so much cuter, and smarter than those feathered freaks. 

Judy Sabo Curtis I wish you were awake when we were there a few weeks ago, I would have kissed you through the glass or wherever I could see you. You brighten my days Fiona.

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