The Show Fiona the Hippo Training | She Does Daily Training Sessions

The Show Fiona: Fiona Does Daily Training Sessions

Fiona the Hippo Training 

Fiona does daily training sessions with her care team to learn behaviors that help them care for her. They do the training in one of the smaller indoor spaces so Fiona doesn’t get distracted. She spends most of her time outside in the big pool with her Mom and has access to two pools and other spaces inside when she’s not participating in training sessions.


In this first Episode of Season 2.5 of the Fiona Show, Fiona the baby hippo is growing into one smart hippo. She is learning the things she will need to know to make things easier on her and her caregivers as she grows into a full size adult

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Fans react to Fiona the Hippo Training 

Kelly There is my favorite girl  "FIONA"  YEA ..She is so beautiful tooo…I miss seeing her and I am glad she is doing so well thanks To Team Fiona.

Melissa Jallad Thanks for all your team has done to help this little angel! I love Fiona!!!  She is learning and growing so fast 

Sarah Johnson Malchow Does your voice interrupt the clicker? I mean to ask… it’s ok to talk and click and not confuse the animal?

Esmeralda Vallejo She’s still such a cutie, I bet she misses being touched and loved on. I understand she’s a big girl now and strong she might hurt someone by accident

Victoria Kadreva Fiona loves her snacks! Thank you  Cinci Zoo for saving her life and providing her with such loving care! She is my favorite preemie! 

Lynda Michelle Now that she’s over the hump & seems to be thriving, will she ever be released into the wild?

Christine Fusco Janson Keepers are awesome! Training is so important for the animal, keepers and Vet Staff.

Jessica Reyes LeeAnn I would love to see the Hippo!!! She is in the Cincinnati Zoo. love Fiona the Hippo Training 

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