Top 5 Best Fiona The Hippo Sassy You Must To Know

Fiona the Hippo Being So Sassy Cincinati Zoo

Fiona The Hippo  Sassy

Well take a look …fiona being so sassy


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Premature baby hippo Fiona is "sassy" and thriving


Fans reacted to Fiona The Hippo  Sassy

Benita Craft She's a little spitfire! Love her so much

Olga Shaw Oh, this has got the most precious incredible photo yet. I applaud the photographer. Thank you for sharing. Truly is 🥇 deserving. Two beautiful little girls connecting in a way that only they can.

Mary Nelson Thanks to all the caretakers , that hand raised Fiona , she wants or likes to interact with humans , the children just love her

Jacky Machado Was Fiona out today? We were planning on going to see her today but were thinking it was too cold. Hoping to go tmr. Thank you!

Diana Herman Little Fiona is so adorable. Have followed her story since her birth. She loves humans and always will.

Doris Stoddart Fulton She surely seems attracted to little ones, much to their delight. Pretty pretty Fiona.

Vicki Parker-Riggins I love that she is sassy!
Sharon Miggins it is so odd to see her with mom and think how little she is.. over 700 lbs of little 

Patty O'Brien Oh my Our sweetheart is very sassy today Fi you are going to get a time-out for biting Moms Butt 

Verree Valentine Sassy…love it. hope weather is great march I can see sassy girl in action

Nancy Hudson Melendez She's so little compared to her momma. How long before Fiona is considered full grown?

Lisa Carpenter Fiona when are you going to learn you can't bite your Mommy. She is ALOT bigger than you and love Fiona The Hippo  Sassy

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