Sandy Fiona The Hippo At Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

 Fiona The Hippo Sandy

Sandy Fiona! Fiona's care team brought some of the sand from Hippo Cove indoors for Fiona and Bibi to interact with. Enrichment is an important part of the daily care we provide all of our animals.

fiona the hippo sandy

fiona the hippo sandy

Fiona was 977 pounds this morning! Closing in on 1,000

Getting by with a little help from Mom. Keep in mind that has the temperatures begin to fall it needs to be 45 degrees or warmer for the hippos to be outside.

Wild hippo antics. You can see where Fiona gets her playfulness.


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Fiona in an interesting sleeping position. Bibi is such a good Mom!


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Fan reactions:

Mary Doolittle She really enjoyed that sand . Typical toddler 

Debbie Huber We visited last Sunday..I dont know why but I always cry when I see her..I love her so much..shes such an inspiration..she liked the kids who came to the glass. I loved the way she played with BiBi

Brandi Morell Spalding I got curious on how Hippos sleep under water. Here's what I found on Google. 

"Their nostrils close, and they can hold their breath for five minutes or longer when submerged. Hippos can even sleep underwater, using a reflex that allows them to bob up, take a breath, and sink back down without waking up."

Jamie Lee What did we do before we had Fiona to make our day???? A big Thank You to the folks at the zoo for sharing this precious girl and her journey with all of us.

Debbie Sebald Amazing! Thanks so much for the explanation. I was told Bibi does not really know Fiona is her child but she is so caring and cute with her. Is it just the way female hippos are with the little ones?

Candi Miller OMG that's so funny! U never know what Fiona is going to do and how is she able to sleep like this? Bibi is such a good mama to sit there and let her baby girl sleep on her back. 

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