Fiona the Hippo Plays with Ice | Cincinati Zoo Update

Fiona the Hippo Plays with Ice Cincinnati Zoo

Your favorite hippo weighed 710lbs this week! Grow Fiona, grow!

Ice ice baby! Ice is one of the many enrichment items Fiona enjoys. Enrichment is an important part of the daily care we provide to our animals. Enrichment is anything added to the animals’ environments to stimulate their senses and elicit natural behaviors such as foraging, exploration, hunting, problem-solving, and even play.

Ice ice baby! Ice is one of the many enrichment items Fiona enjoys. Enrichment is an important part of the daily care…

Người đăng: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden vào 7 Tháng 4 2018

fiona the hippo and mom


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Viewers reaction:

Di Laborio I traveled from N.C. to see Fiona and her mom. She is just as cute in person as she is in pictures. Anyone thinking of a trip to Cincy to see her, I highly recommend it.

Brooke Puder-Gruhlke Completely disappointed in the zoo today! Drove 4 hours to see Fiona and didn't even get to see her because the biggest attraction doesn't have an indoor exhibit! Two disappointed girls and two adults in the car ridding back to Sandusky!

Zach Zeller My wife, daughter, and I are halfway there from Va. Beach right now. Thought it would be 54° tomorrow so chose this as spring break. Not looking good and we are sad. Daughter has been infatuated with hippos since 6 months old. She is almost 10 and has followed Fiona her whole life even have adoption papers hanging on wall at home. Please say yes so we can be there tomorrow at 9 AM!!

Candi Miller Don't worry Fiona soon enough u will be able to hv a whole watermelon like ur mom but right now u hv to get slices. Love u my baby girl 

Autumn Chapman How warm does it have to be for Fiona and Bibi to be outside?! We are traveling from Iowa next weekend!!

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