Fiona the Hippo Takes Naptime with Mom Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona and her mom are so adorable. Best picture yet. Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

fiona the hippo naptimeFiona the HIppo Naptime


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Farmer Fiona The HIppo

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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Takes Naptime 

Duvessa Scott Ole McFiona had a zoo, ey ai ey ai oh! And in her zoo, she had some lions, ey ai ey ai oh! With a roar roar here and a roar roar there. Here a roar, there a roar, everywhere a roar roar. Ole McFiona had a zoo, ey ai ey ai oh!

Dee Marois Dyer She is trying to cover up the marshmallow she just ate and doesn't want Timothy to find out…. ((the white around her mouth)) Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do…. Fiona needs to keep her gurly figure, ya know…

Katy Rose Should TIM be worried? Maybe she has her eyes on Oklahoma instead of San Antonio… Oooooo-klahoma, wheee the wind comes sweeping down the pain. And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet!

Olga Shaw She's just too cute. Between her and Winsol, they are the little ones most adored. Love them both

Monica iLa'Wey Rymers Maybe she's trying to send a message to Timothy down here in Texas, he's crushing on her pretty bad 

Michele Tillapaugh Did Timothy Tweet yesterday or is he playing hard to get?

John Wrightington so weird, I live in Jacksonville and am planning trip to Pennsylvania and am going through Cinncinati just to see Fiona this summer

Olga Shaw Fiona and her mom are so adorable. Best picture yet. Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Sherrie June Foxen Mason So sweet how they lay in the same.position. We have a mother and daughter(dogs) that lay in the same way while waiting for their breakfast and dinner. Look like twins!

Alline Matheson Cincinnati must be enjoying some mild days for BiFi to be napping on the sand rather than in the heated pool. Mighty nice for all zoo creatures – and the rest of us, too!

Kimberly Rhinehart In about 6 weeks I'll finally get to meet them and Winsol the aardvark. I am so excited!!!

Lily Lottes Lazy Sunday for the girls. Maybe too many St Patrick’s Day festivities after the caretakers left LOL

Jody Ann Johnson She’s looking so much like her Momma. 
But always has the strength of her Poppa.

Jacqueline Capucine You two resemble each other so much. Mother & daughter. Fiona you get your good looks from BiBi your mom. Amazing..

Kathy Wynne Rossell Soaking up the sun on this warm Sunday! Love our beautiful Hippo girls! 

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