Fiona the Hippo Napping: Bibi Makes a Great Shelf for Fiona Shirt

Bibi Makes a Great Shelf for Fiona to Nap On.

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Fiona the Hippo Napping

Bibi makes a great shelf for Fiona to nap on.

 We love walking up to Hippo Cove and seeing this face

Even the fish love Fiona

fiona the hippo napping 

Fiona the HIppoo

Fiona had quite the growth spurt! She's up to 818lbs.

Do not miss out on Fiona the hippo shirt, coffee mug, phonecase, indoor pillow:


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Viewers reactions:

Trudy Rosenbalm Hippolations Fiona! It is amazing to me how she gets so big eating veggies and fruit. Keep eating your snacks Girl

Lynn Ann Tokarcyzk Looks absolutely great. Hard to believe she was that 20 something lb baby fighting for life. You guys should be really proud of yourselves!

Susan White Baxley We got to see Fiona & Bibi yesterday.It was my dream come true.Got to get my picture made "with her",Fiona,thru the glass.I love her very much

Mary Ellen Kirkchaney Dunno…looks to me like she's giving them some sideeye!! Or she's just dozing through the grooming

Lynn Hatfield It was so wonderful to actually see Fiona and someday I hope to go again my “ grands also just love her

Louise Adie Little poop escape there…how funny! She's SO relaxed!

Mandy Volz Fiona is such a cutie. Its like she knows shes famous and is loving every minute of it 

Rhonda Martin That is so awesome. Just when you think she can't get any cuter. Well there she goes again

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