Fiona the Hippo May Have a Boyfriend That is Timothy the Hippo

Fiona the Hippo May Have a Boyfriend

Fiona the Hippo May Have a Boyfriend

Love is in the air. Or, at least it's in the hippo enclosure at the San Antonio Zoo.
That's where Timothy the Hippo, a strapping young lad, has made a bold, romantic offer for Cincinnati Zoo's resident hippo princess, Fiona.

Dear Fiona,

My name is Timothy. I recently moved out of my mom's house to San Antonio and currently live with my grandma, Uma who I love very much. My grandpa, Tumbo was a cover model for National Geographic magazine. Grandma says that's where I get my great looks.

Anyhoo, I have seen your pictures and videos on the internet at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and I think you are the most beautiful hippopotamus I have ever seen. Perhaps we can meet someday and be boyfriend and girlfriend? I am single and available. I hope you  HippoSwipeRight  TeamFiona


PS, Hippos rule and elephants drool!


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Fiona the Hippo May Have a Boyfriend oh it is a great news

Dear Fiona,

Are you up?

I was so excited to hear back from your keepers at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden…sounds like you’re saying "there’s a chance!" OMG! I also want to make sure that you know I am no catfish, no really, literally I’m not a catfish, I’m a common hippo. Grandma says I’m an uncommon common hippo just like grandpa was. This is grandpa Tumbo's magazine cover. I’m only 2 years old, but I hope I look that good when I’m in my 40’s too! 

Grandma also says at my age I need to spend less time in front of a screen and WAAAAY more time learning and playing outdoors so as much as I want to message you daily I just can’t make it happen. Her roof, her rules blah blah blah. 

I’m going to tweet to you as often as I can from my new Twitter account. I have to say there just aren’t enough characters available on Twitter or really anywhere else in the universe to express all of my feelings for you. I will do my best to put these feelings into words and will send you a letter or something on Facebook every Thursday at 3:00 pm! 

PS – has anyone ever told you how cute your ears are?


– Timothy The Hippo



Viewers reacted:

Beverlee Bibee I'm with Kathy Wright Loughry, Fiona can't do anywhere else.

Jana Hobt Holdsworth My dear Timothy,

Susan Beltram HaHa! I thought about the Fiona & Timothy love match when I saw his photo last week! He's adorable, too. But, leggo our Hippo

First of all, as a best friend of Fiona and the family, I can tell you that at only 12 months of age she is far from the world of dating. She in no way shape or form willing to come to Texas from Cincinnati as she is very vested in Cincinnati and its people. I thank you for your interest but at this time her biggest concern is which fruit will she eat today. I wish the best for you and maybe we can resume talks in the future! Please discontinue any further communication with her as it will be perceived as stalking. Please find someone your own age! Best of Luck

Chris Kalogeropoulos

Dear Fiona's family,
Timothy and Fiona can be pen pals and exchange letters and pictures. Timothy seems like a gentlemen with honorable intentions and he comes from a good family. They can be just friends for now. There's nothing wrong with an innocent friendship. 
Chris (a fan of Fiona).

Sonia Rios Correa  Will Fiona give Timmy the rose ? Stay tuned to see if Timmy accepts Fiona's rose

Ann Treviño Mears Dear Timothy, my name is Ann and I live in Memphis. We also have a young lady hippo here named Winnie who I know would love to have you woo her as well. Please don't forget Winnie at the Memphis Zoo as it is a shorter trek to Memphis than it is to Cincinnati!

Carrie Thomas Timothy, in today's world, women are valued for their brains and their talents, not just their looks. If you really wanted to impress Fiona, you would have mentioned her amazing swimming skills, or how wide she can open her mouth. We all know how good-looking she is, so try to dig a little deeper for the compliments. Also, send presents.

Emily Rosenfeld Mengel Thank you, Timothy and San Antonio Zoo. This counteracts all the negative stuff I've seen online today. Possibly, all year!

Stephanie Roat Combs This is precious! My husband and I are Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden members and we’ll be taking a trip to San Antonio next summer. Can’t wait to hopefully see Timothy

Christine Rothblatt Well Fiona is our sweet baby girl and I don’t know Timothy – you’ll have to be perfect for our sweet Fiona and you will be screened very carefully

Calvin Shiu Can't just ask her out like that. You'll have to win her over with some fruit. Food is the key to a she-hippo's heart. Also, I'll let you beat me in a fight to show her you're dominant.

Imanelijah Zeinali Hold up…TIMOTHY the hippo. You forgot to keep in mind one of the baddest hippos in the nation. She’s slim thick and her name is ROSIE. SHE DESERVEs the ROSE. Located at the L.A Zoo. You know what they say “California girls they’re unforgettable”

Kelly Mosel-Talavera Pump the brakes, Timothy’s parents (who I know really wrote this). I know your zoo culture typically practices arranged marriages, however, Fiona is not only young, but also allowed to choose who own life partner. We want her to be happy. And if that means she loves a duck or another hippo or even (omg I hope not— so obnoxious) a seal , it is her choice. Thank you and good luck.

Jen Gerth-Unger Hmmm, maybe Timmy, but you'll need a chaperone. I volunteer (as does of all of Cincinnati). Just know that half of us went to Catholic schools and we will channel our inner nuns and make sure that not one bit of hanky-panky occurs. You'll have tens of thousands of people making sure the two of you leave room for the Holy Spirit, young man!

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LA Vonne MC Cord I’m sure Fiona would love to meet Timothy, but she has a lot of work to do first. She has a whole world to educate about hippopotamuses and if there is another premie hippo she will be on call to help with that baby. Timothy will have to move to Cincinnati as we love Fiona so much we can’t part with her. You’re very welcome here in Cincinnati her pool is big enough for one more.

Kimberly Harrison Fiona is a star and I think Timothy is an opportunist looking for a come up. He needs to star in a couple movies or be on tv for a while to get his name out there. She has her own ice cream what does he bring to the table. He’s not getting in the spot light that easy try again.

Missy Berwanger Crowthers Oh Timothy you are too cute! However any possible relationship with our dear sweet Fiona would most definitely have to be done here in Cincinnati

Jennifer Welsh Summe This is awesome!! I love people who can have fun with life!! I appreciate the entertainment and subsequent smile and happy feeling!! Thank you for that!!!

Claire Sale Timothy. Dear. Fiona is still in pre-K and won’t be having hipposuitors calling on her for many years. Does San Antonio not have any hippos close to your own age? I’d bet if you did a little flirting, showing off some underwater somersaults and dressing up in the best mud from your favorite puddle, you might find the girls whispering and giggling over you.

–> Fiona the Hippo and Her Mom at Cincinnati Zoo Update

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