Fiona the Hippo Learning to Swim | Offical Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Learning to Swim Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Learning to Swim

One year ago we posted one of the best Fiona videos of all time! Here's a look back! Fiona is up to 73 pounds and is getting a little too heavy for her care staff lift in and out of the pool. So, she's learning to use a ramp. When she first saw the ramp, she needed some coaxing to step on it. After a few days, she went up and down with little assistance


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Premature hippo Fiona gets more pool time. Get a glimpse of Fiona’s underwater moves.  She’s working hard on doing a roll but hasn’t quite made it 360 yet. This time we include a little underwater perspective using a GoPro camera. Very cute!

One-month-old Fiona has outgrown two pools already! Now that her IV has been removed, vets have given her the okay to resume supervised pool time. Hippos don’t actually swim. They sink under water and walk along the bottom, propelling themselves up to the surface to breath. They are able to hold their breath for long periods. Spending time in the pool will help Fiona build muscle and lung strength, keep her skin moist and let her act like a hippo! Her new pool, purchased with your donations, is set up close to mom and dad so she can hear and smell them


What did fans think of Fiona the Hippo Learning to Swim

Jacob Dicke My goodness how Fiona melts my heart. She may be all big and bad now but when I look at her I still see the 75 lb baby in this video. She will always be that to me.

Marje Lemaster I need y'all to come teach my 114 pound Schnauzer how to use his ramp. I have to lift him front first and the other end as well into the back of our Explorer….

Denise Vukmirovich Such a brave girl. I cannot even stand those sweet little toes, those adorable wiggly ears and that pretty little face. I’m so glad for all the care and love that she received by staff there. Fiona is a true inspiration!

Lily Lottes LOL Fiona my dogs didn’t like that ramp either. We had the same one. You were much braver they they were….or they have a sucker as a mom because I lifted them into the car and still do LOL. Fiona remembrance videos always make me smile, laugh and cry at the same time. You are one amazing little hippo with an incredible care team.

 Fiona the HIppo

Michele Webb I hope and pray at some point there will be a DVD available with her videos on it. Her first year. I would for sure buy it. A digital picture slideshow with it would be great to be able to purchase

Tishi Traylor-Jones Hard to believe it has been a year already that this young lady made her debut. Loving every video she has been in and watch them over and over again. Such a joy to watch her and to see how she has grown. It is truly amazing. She is probably the worlds best known hippo! Love you Fiona.
Jenny Ramirez Thank you TeamFiona for all you did for this little girl and sharing your journey with the world. Fiona has touched so many lives and has shown everyone that no matter the odds, success is possible.

John Leis Now that is precious, what a sweet baby; quite smaller back then, but the love and beauty of Fiona and her caregivers are very clear.

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