Fiona the Hippo June 2018 : Baby Fiona with a big yawn.

Fiona the Hippo June 2018

Don't bite off more than you can chew Fiona!


This chunky chunky hippo weighed in at 784 pounds today

fiona update 

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The Legend & Molly show you around the fantastic Cincinnati Zoo and all of it's various animals & exhibits including Fiona The Hippo.

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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo June 2018

Danielle Ewin It is amazing how these powerful animals use their mouths for so much. I absolutely adore this Family 

Kiki Gronkowski That’s ok … Mom doesn’t mind … I’m wrapped round her little … or big finger as the case may be !!!!… I can get away with ANYTHING

Sue Smucker Fiona better watch out – Mommy may bite you back! And Mommy has REALLY BIG teeth!

Cole Garcia STILL just as cute IF NOT CUTER NOW Fiona is timeless and ageless. Thank you Bibi & Henry (Rest in Peace) for this wonderful gift!

Marie Nelson No matter her size, Fiona is a perpetual baby girl. A group of us visited from a couple states away last week. Fiona wasn't in the mood to entertain, but Bibi stepped in, by staying near the glass, and seemed to be loving her moment in front of the cameras!

Zelda Pinwheel I’m curious; at what point, or how will they know if/when Fiona has become more aggressive (like Hippos in the wild)— or will she remain more ‘domesticated’..

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