Fiona the Hippo July 2018 Video, Photos, News Latest Update

Fiona the Hippo 2018 Update Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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Fiona the Hippio 

Hello Fiona! We love walking up to Hippo Cove and seeing this face


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Viewers reactions:

Susanne Nelson She is such a little star. Never thought we could have a love affair with a Hippo but she's sure worth every bit of it.

Marilee Rowland VERY disappointed yesterday….made the trip to the Zoo just to see Fiona and all we saw was Mom. No Fiona. The Zoo said she would be out yesterday. 

Alison Jennifer Williams I am sure Fiona believes that the people at the zoo are, like the fish, laid on for her entertainment just like her carets who have nurtured her so well!

Tonya M Black-Grubb Fiona says she wants your attentions and please pet me but no one pet me.. I am sad that no one pet me.. but only zoo keepers..

Erica J Kosinski Scoping everything out! Busy young lady with her fans but please find a moment to respond to Timothy at San Antonio Zoo.

Margaret Kline I’m going to eat at Chipotle because they will donate 50% to the Cincinnati zoo tonight.
Fiona needs to eat along with all her friends there!

Candy Clayton Fiona is such a people lover! I think she loves watching us as much as we love watching her.

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