The Fiona Show: Fiona the Hippo Hose Play

Fiona the Hippo Hose Play

Hose play has been one of Fiona's favorite activities since she was a baby.

TeamFiona shares their favorite selfies and memories of caring for baby Fiona.


Fiona the Hippo and Mom

Cincinnati Zoo 2018 Tour & Review

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Kevin Kovelant I love you, I love Fiona, but man, "hose play" was a term that I just wasn't expecting to know about. So many possibilities… or maybe I just need more coffee.

Ellen Jervis It's so interesting to learn how all the play times had a purpose behind the care. I was wondering did the team learn new things in raising Fiona that were rather ground breaking for Zoologists and Animal Behavior scientists that is now being passed along to others who may one day have their Fiona to care for?

Linda Krause Elephants have ALWAYS been my favorites. But after seeing Fiona there's a special in my heart for hippos too!. But I truly love all animals

Jean Fullwood Hi Fiona i am not being rude to you but i bet this is how you are feeling at the moment wont be long now and that little boy will be here love nan & grandad

MsLulu Marie How do we find out about her schedule for visits at the zoo? Is she always visible in her home? We are coming up next week mainly to see her!

Luanne Williams I love love love Fiona's ears, I have ever since she was born. How cool the hippos love the hose spray in their mouth, plus they get their teeth cleaned.

Theresa Cooper Little Fiona, is growing up, but she's still so adorable. Love those wiggly ears. She's one happy hippo.

Wendy Hall reminds me of one spring day at SD Safari Park when baby hippo ran around in circles and then LEAPED into the pool! never had seen a baby before

Stacey Wickens Kisses and hugs… you are soo cute… I adore you… your personality is precious

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