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Fiona’s Halloween Pumpkin – Trip or Treat – Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Halloween 

Trip-or-Treat. Don’t worry, the plump princess was just fine. Baby hippo Fiona slips into the water while devouring her Halloween Day pumpkin.


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Fiona and Bibi getting some indoor hose enrichment.


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Fan reacts to 

Joy Jeffers That was funny. I always think she looks huge til I see her next to her mom.

Amy Graham I love how she acts like she did that on purpose lol. She falls in and starts swimming like nothing happened.

Liza Eckert Who among us HASN’T accidentally fallen in a pool of water because they were trying to get better access to a snack?

Beth Porter So glad she's fine and dandy. It's only when we see her next to Bibi that we can tell how small she really still is! We love her at any size!

Caroline Booth Stafford She does more damage in a hurry than the marauding deer do to our jack-o-lanterns. 

Lori Stephens Love ya Fiona! Amazing how much you have grown! But still look small next to momma!

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