Fiona the Hippo Fart Cincinnati Zoo Update and Video

Fiona the Hippo Fart – Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Fart

Fiona the Hippo Makes Farting Look Cute


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Bib the hippoFiona the hippo fart 

 Fiona took two bottles this morning and seems to have more energy. She's still receiving fluids via IV but she is able to get up and move around with help from Team Fiona

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—> More : Fiona the Hippo Update Today 

Supporters reacted to Fiona the Hippo Fart

John w beautiful baby Fiona!!!!!  Thank God good news!!!!!  Sending a big hug to all the staff involved with this tremendous job, especially to this blonde keeper that seems to love Fiona so much I want to come see Fiona at the zoo. How long will it be before the public will be able to see her?

Jennifer Struzzi Tupper Love it!! And love these silly hippos too!! I received two “Fiona” gifts for Christmas and was ecstatic! As a mom, to watch the depth of love and care go into keeping her alive, my heart was stolen! Love you, FiFi!!

Mimi Westridge Every time I think of this photo and caption, I laugh out loud. People at work are gonna think I’m goofy!

Shelbyy Mariee Bradshaww Oh my god I love this so much lol look at Fiona she's just like *gasp* mom!! With mouth wide open and love Fiona the Hippo Fart

Mary Polley Hi what a great pic of Fiona and her mom so cute and so sweet and so adorable love Fiona

Missy Sullivan Poppenger Just love this little show off, she's just so cool, i think she has even taught her Mom a trick or two. She's just too much, and the pair of them. Incredible. A hippo who could ever of imagined.

Kathy Wynne Rossell I love my Zoo membership!!! All of the animals are such a joy to see in their beautiful habitats! Especially Fiona and Bibi! Thanks Cincinnati Zoo for all that you do!

Carrie Rae Ellis Isn't it truly AMAZING how these two BEAUTIFUL animals have taught us humans so much about LOVE and COMPASSION. I can't wait to take my granddaughter to the Cincinnati Zoo to see Fiona & Bibi , love Fiona the Hippo Fart

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