This Week TimothySimply Wrote a Poem to Fiona the Hippo

Dear Fiona,

This week I simply wrote a poem to the most beautiful hippo I've ever seen….that's you! Don't tell my mom or grandma I said so, they are beautiful too you know.

Anyhoo, here it is:

Today I got in some trouble
And all for just blowing a bubble

My grandma was quite surprised
For the sound in the pool was full sized

She thought it came from the south
When I swear it came out of my mouth

I hope you liked it!



Timothy the Hippo San Antonio

Timothy the Hippo San Antonio

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Fiona imitating the mosasaurus.


Fiona the Hippo 

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Fiona the Hippo June 2018

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Viewers reactions:

Liza Dale Robey I love how woman after woman swoon over every letter from Timothy. I imagine the men are shaking their heads and cursing Timothy for setting the bar high. You go Timothy!

Mary Jane Mauch Hello Timothy! Did you show Grandma this pic? It is obviously coming from your mouth or nose. Maybe she is just kidding you! Well, Timothy, you have done it again. Another wonderful letter and a really good poem. I think you should write a book…..a collection of your poems. Have you ever thought about it? Grandma Uma would be so proud of you. I can just see it….."Timothy Brynn the Hippo, world famous poet"! Have a good week Timothy….stay cool in your pool!

Janice Poynter I hope Fiona writes you back soon Timothy. She may lose out when you get tired and find someone else. We love you too Timothy and look forward to your letter each Thursday.

Stacy Burns Those two lovebirds have got to meet in person! Or guess I should say meet in hippo? Lol. I would love to see some letters from Fiona to Timothy.

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