Fiona the Hippo Compilation and Best Moments 2018 Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Compilation Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona is here today because of the TLC she received from her care team. Here are some never-before-seen videos of moments they shared during Fiona’s first few months. A lot of love went into caring for Fiona and helping her become a healthy happy hippo!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Fiona is here today because of the TLC she received from her care team. Here are some…

Người đăng: The Fiona Show vào 14 Tháng 2 2018

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017 Fiona showing Mom how tough she is!!

Fiona showing Mom how tough she is!!

Người đăng: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden vào 4 Tháng 3 2018

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Fiona and Bbi the HIppo

Fiona is an ambassador for her wild cousins. Hippos were once found throughout all sub-saharan Africa. Sadly, populations have declined due to habitat loss and hunting. Today, they are largely confined to protected areas in East African countries.

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Best Fiona ear wiggle yet!

Best Fiona ear wiggle yet!

Người đăng: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden vào 22 Tháng 2 2018

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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Compilation

Katie Barnes She is sweet and adorable but why is she not with her mother?

Showl Bibi wasn't actually trying to hurt Fiona but Fiona was just too small and weak to even stand or nurse so the care team intervened to provide 24 hour critical care.

Kris Bush You can just see and feel all the love and care that went in to Fiona's care. She had the will to live, and her care-team helped her through it all. What an amazing team! Without each and every one of you, Fiona would not be here today. Thank you, Animal caretakers is a lot of the time a thankless job, but truly Thank you for all you do!

Nae Nae Lovesummer When they wiggle their ears isn't it associated with a warning signal for them feeling threatened? Sent as a first "warning"?

Danielle Reese So needed the cuteness after getting the call my sons school dismissing early as over caution to threats.

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