Finoa the Hippo Cam Cincinnati Zoo Update and Video Today

Fiona the Hippi Live Cam Cincinnati Zoo

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Our Zoo Babies must have been good this year because Santa made an early stop at the Zoo to bring them some holiday treats! Tonight is the last night to see Santa at the PNC Festival of Lights before he flies back to the North Pole!

Celebrate with our all-time fav Fiona the hippo moments! Fiona’s Greatest Hits.


She is so special. So happy all those caregivers worked so hard to save her. She’s a true gift to Cincinnati.


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The plump princess is up to 1,119 pounds! Grow Fi Grow!

Fiona’s tusks are looking more impressive but still have some growing to do! Hippos large tusks, which never stop growing, are not used for eating, but rather for fighting.

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Happy Fiona Friday! #TeamFiona

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Superstar makes Super Prediction – See who Fiona picks to win the big game – does she go with the New England Patriots, the favorite to win, or the Philadelphia Eagles , one underdog rooting for another? Cincinnatians will get to see Fiona starring in a Super Bowl commercial this Sunday when it airs during the big game. The rest of the world (including Cincinnatians) can get a sneak peek tomorrow on The Fiona Show, episode 3.

Superstar makes Super Prediction – See who Fiona picks to win the big game – does she go with the New England Patriots,…

Người đăng: The Fiona Show vào 1 Tháng 2 2018

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Season 2 Premiere – Happy Birthday Fiona! This special little hippo was born one year ago today! Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed only 29 pounds. She defeated the odds with the help of her dedicated care team, and today she’s a happy, healthy hippo, weighing over 655 pounds.

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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Fiona’s first Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed our daily #TeamFiona updates and following her amazing journey to this milestone. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Fiona moments in this video and are excited to share that tomorrow will also be the premiere of Season 2 of The Fiona Show with a special Facebook Live at 9:30am EST celebrating her Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Fiona’s first Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed our daily #TeamFiona updates and…

Người đăng: The Fiona Show vào 23 Tháng 1 2018

Morning Routine

Premature Baby Hippo Fiona turns 2 on January 24th. She’s now over 1000 pounds and is living the life of a regular Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo. Cincinnati’s favorite baby hippo will enter what her care team hopes will not be her “terrible twos” tomorrow! This is another major milestone for the preemie that almost didn’t make it, weighing a fifth of what a normal baby hippo would weigh when she was born on January 24, 2017. Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable moments of her first two years!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Fiona is here today because of the TLC she received from her care team. Here are some never-before-seen videos of moments they shared during Fiona’s first few months. A lot of love went into caring for Fiona and helping her become a healthy happy hippo!

Fan reactions:

Diane Wachtman-Munoz It makes me so sad that zoos like yours get a bad rap…if species aren’t preserved and studied they risk extinction…especially with the current POTUS backing trophy hunting. Where is the outrage for the real danger they face in the wild? Keep up the good work.

Cameo Elizabeth Paulsen I so wish i could work at some place like this i would even clean up poop and be very happy all i have ever wantrd to do is work with animals you guys do an amazing job with them.

Cynthia Harbin Holman Thank you so much for this video. No one who watches it can dispute that they are treated extraordinarily well. Y’all know them and they know and trust you so completely. Knowing and responding to their names…so smart and cooperative! I love seeing the science, training and nutrition being used to their benefit. And making it safe for them to play together via safe tusks . Sometime make an overnight activity behind-the-scenes please! I am interested in what the nocturnal animals like hippos get up to when their adoring fans are not around

Maggie Sealtiel Lovely to see them doing so well. However why are they prisoners to concrete & metal bars? As much love & care you give these amazing living beings, which is great, I can’t help feeling that this is imprisonment, surely a greener indoor living environment is healthier & happier for them. And this is why I never visit a place that keeps any live being in closed quarters for their personal benefits.

Michele Morris I’m just obsessed!!!! I’m a newcomer to the Fiona show since I recently stumbled across her. She’s exactly like the baby hippo that always showed up in my dreams for many years. (Maybe dream hippo baby will come back!) Thank you guys for your dedication, care, and love…. & for sharing them with us

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