Fiona the Hippo Birth Weight and Weight Update Today Leggings

Fiona the Hippo Weight Update Today

Celebrate the weight! Fiona is fast approaching 1,000 pounds! This is a huge milestone considering that she weighed only 29 pounds when she arrived on January 24, 2017, six weeks before she was expected. Join us on December 1 for the Fiona 1k, a short walk for a big milestone! This non-competitive walk is open to people of all ages, abilities, and sizes! The walk is limited to 1,000 Fiona fans 

fiona the hippo weight Fiona the hippo

Fiona was 977 pounds this morning! Closing in on 1,000

fiona update 


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fiona the hippo naptime Fiona the Hippo and Mom

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Viewers reacted:

John Wrightington so weird, I live in Jacksonville and am planning trip to Pennsylvania and am going through Cinncinati just to see Fiona this summer

Sherrie June Foxen Mason So sweet how they lay in the same.position. We have a mother and daughter(dogs) that lay in the same way while waiting for their breakfast and dinner. Look like twins!

Alline Matheson Cincinnati must be enjoying some mild days for BiFi to be napping on the sand rather than in the heated pool. Mighty nice for all zoo creatures – and the rest of us, too!

DJ Spears Just for you Kathy Leo. Hope you are getting some rest today too so you can start feeling better.

Olga Shaw Fiona and her mom are so adorable. Best picture yet. Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Laurie Johnson Water retention…I understand…my weight does the same thing

Ron Brady My weight also fluctuates quite a bit day-to-day.

Shirley Bailey Like all us females: weight changes day by day.

Mary Nelson All I want is you to be healthy , healthy hippo , your the best that happen for the Cincinnati Zoo

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