Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo

She thinks she's tough but she still needs her Mom.

Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo


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Are you getting my good side?

Are you getting my good side?Fiona the hippo

Baby Hippo Fiona's Special Moments: Never-before-seen Videos from Care Team – Cincinnati Zoo


Baby Hippo Fiona – Episode 5 Family Reunion – Cincinnati Zoo

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Fans reacted:

Lori Chenoweth matter what angle is in the picture it will always be your good side..including you and Momma B..leaving the back side is even cute.

Cathleen Gagliardi Isnt it odd so many have fallen for a hippo?? I hope you also follow the other animal posts ……have learned so much because I follow Fiona

Anne Storer They're all good sides, Little Missy! I got to see Fiona Sunday. What a diva! She gave us all such joy!

Mary Jane Mauch Fiona, you dont have a bad side! Looking good!

Katee Gadette Thanking God for Animals!
Thanking God for Fiona and Bibi

Becky Cadmus Steiner Fiona, you are cute all over. Enjoying my calendar-so many sweet pictures!

Donna Freihofer Any photo that captures that beautiful hippo smile is your good side, Fiona! 

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