Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo Now Photos, Weight Update

Latest update: Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo 2020

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Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo Now

Fiona is fabulous and she knows


Fiona’s famous ear wiggle! The most famous ear wiggle in the world!

We have a lot of new followers and some may not know about Fiona’s amazing story! On January 24, 2017 the Cincinnati Zoo’s baby hippo, Fiona was born six weeks before her due date. She weighed only 29 pounds. The normal birth weight range for a Nile hippo is 55-120 pounds.

fiona and bibi the hippo
Fiona and Bibi

She was too small and weak to stand and nurse from her mother, Bibi, so caregivers and vet staff stepped in to provide comfort, nutrition, and critical care.

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Fiona is the smallest hippo to ever survive. Her story of perseverance has served as inspiration for many around the world.

With all the craziness in the works right now, these videos just make me smile and giggle so much! Thank you to all the wonderful handlers for not only loving theses animals like they were their own, but sharing their adventures with all of us!

Fans react to Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo Now

Alicia Latchaw I am a preschool teacher in central Ohio, and next week’s theme is Fiona the Hippo. I jokingly tell the parents that these kids will walk away from my class knowing more than they ever wanted to know about hippos. Looking forward to sharing Fiona’s story of hope and strength with my littles

Princess Fiona and her wonderful Mother BiBi
are amazing!
You’ll just not be able to get enough of these two girls!
It’s impossible!

Have fun catching up! Go back and watch her videos from birth to now!

Fiona’s Ear Wiggles are so delightful and she loves giving them to me it’s her way of saying 

Lori Isom Just ordered a membership to support this wonderful zoo! I live in Arkansas so I’m pretty sure I won’t get to see your animals in person, but that’s ok. Thank you for sharing life-giving safaris with us everyday!

Janet Crowley Fiona is a character, for certain. From the time she was just a little tyke she had us glued and wanting more and more. Yes, Fiona has quite a fan base and we can never get enough of her antics and she never disappoints.

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