Vote: ArtWorks and Fiona’s home, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Fiona the Hippo ArtWork

Cincinnati's about to make its love for Fiona the hippo even more permanent. 

ArtWorks and Fiona's home, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, will produce a mural this summer to honor the premature Nile hippopotamus that beat the odds.

ArtWorks and the Cincinnati Zoo will produce a mural this summer to honor Fiona, the premature Nile hippopotamus that beat the odds. The mural will be painted on a building at 910 Race street. You get to decide which of these five final designs will appear.

And they are asking for your help.

You get to decide which of these five final designs will appear at 910 Race St. Organizers expect it to be painted by July 25.

This poll will close May 21. The winner will be announced May 25. hope you love Fiona the Hippo ArtWork

1.) Fiona the Hippo ArtWork – Dick Close, artist

2.) Fiona the Hippo ArtWork – Cincinnatus Kidd, artist

3.) Fiona the Hippo ArtWork – OGRE, artist

4.) Fiona the Hippo ArtWork – Lucie Rice, artist

5.) Fiona the Hippo ArtWork – Jessica Seta, artist

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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo ArtWork

Donandkatie Longmcqueen I think the mural should include Henry somehow.

Liz Vesper 3 with some background changes to add more skyline and a homage to Henry in the clouds

Tamara Barker I like #1 except for the kid facing us with the shocked look. #2 is nice, too. Very creative.

Kathleen Connors I voted for #1 because it captured Fiona's personality the best (posing for her close up). While some of the designs were more visually/artistically interesting, I felt like they could have been of ANY hippo, not just Fiona, the baby hippo superstar!

Mary Whitaker Oddly enough… the only female I know that we cheer for when she gains weight! Haha! Can we do this in the real world? That way no woman would ever feel guilty for indulging in a donut now and then. Hey Sally… That chocolate sprinkle is looking good on you!! Just saying…

Hala Ayesh I seriously doubt if she was human she would be cheered on for that kind of weight or it be recognized as such an accomplishment. Must be nice to be a hippo! Lol best of health to you Fiona

Jill Vogel Greer What a miracle! We love our Fiona for not just how cute she is but what she stands for, perseverance, love, answered prayers and bringing happiness to a city and world in need!

Stephanie Arnold I live in Tennessee and the family and I are coming up there to see her in just a few days. I hope she'll be out and about playing.

Donna Criswell Mollaun It's great that she judged by extreme weight gain. If only humans had that benefit. LOL! Be a happy, healthy, chubby hippo, Fiona!! Your weight gain = more to love.

Geneva Woodruff Oh Fiona
I remember when you were just a tot learning to walk, swim, drink from a bottle. Now look at you. You made us all proud.

Judith Di-Sandolo Thank you Fiona … you help me get through Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and the weekend !! In fact you help me get through each day cos I check in with you to see how your doing and you always make me smile Congratulations and 
Best Wishes to you Hope you have a great day xxx sending love from the UK

Kristy Blatt You mean to say she’s here to help us through any day! Sweet baby Fiona sure does this any given time! Seriously she’s looking more and more like Bibi. But I love me both! really love Fiona the Hippo ArtWork

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