Fiona the Hippo and Her Mom at Cincinnati Zoo Update | Enjoy a Nap.

Fiona the Hippo and Her Mom at Cincinnati Zoo Update

Fiona the Hippo and Her Mom

A hippo can hold their breath up to 5 min and can even sleep underwater thanks to a reflex that allows them to come up for a breath and sink back down without waking up. Similar to human 1-year-olds, Fiona doesn't make it easy for her Mom to enjoy a nap.

fiona the hippo and her momFiona the hippo and her mom

Baby Hippo Fiona and Mom Bibi Experience Snow for the First Time 


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The weather was warm enough for Fiona and her mom Bibi to get outside for a little exercise and play time. It normally need to be 50 degrees and sunny for the hippos to make an appearance outside. They have indoor pools when the weather is too cold for them.

Supporters reacted to Fiona the Hippo and Her Mom

Kim Powell Closing eyes looks like napping unless they are testing with brain wave machines measuring brain activity.

Michele Tillapaugh Hear Ye, Hear Ye, this Happy Hippo is About to Nap…says Fiona…Bibi is already napping!

Cassie Woodrick Hey babe its national napping day!! Lol I am going to celebrate this one

Fiona the Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo 


Martha Grunwald Koelemay Her sweet little face on my wall calendar is the first thing my eyes go to when I wake up in the mornings; guarantees I'll start my day with a smile.

Janna Basler Thompson Please Cincinnati Zoo, please never separate them. I think Fiona would be devastated to ever be away from her mom and all her caregivers.

Katherine Manning Wingate This is what I wonder. They live in clear water. Wild hippos live in dirty water. Is their behavior with each other any different under water since they can "see" each other? Wondering that ALL the time.

Marsha Brock The world needs to know we need them all,wild or being raised in a conservation enviroment,we need them…Love everything you do!

Ann Kosewicz Kennedy My favor chicas. Love you girls. Fiona has such wonderful facial expressions. I truly think she knows the camera is there.

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