Fiona the hippo and  her mom Bibi  Are Outside Today

Fiona & her mom Bibi are outside today

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Fiona the hippo and her mom Bibi Are Outside Today  

The Cincinnati Zoo is now officially home to the 1 Cincinnatian, Fiona!

Fiona & her mom Bibi are outside today ready to celebrate with fans. Thank you to everyone who voted! We’re proud to be among the winners of the Cincinnati CityBeat 2018 Best of Cincinnati© Reader’s Poll.


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Check out Fiona’s shiny skin. That is because hippos secrete an oily red liquid, called blood sweat, which acts as a sunscreen, lotion, and even an antiseptic.

Fiona the hippo and her mom Bibi Are Outside Today

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Viewers reacted to Fiona the hippo and her mom Bibi Are Outside Today

Becky Heber Welzel So, if a hippo cries, they literally have blood sweat and tears on their faces?

Beth Ann Newton Check out Beth Ann’s love for Fiona. That is because Fiona secretes an amazing sweet emotion, called love, which acts as a magnet, friendship, and even an anti-depressant.

Ken Reiter Jr. So happy that she is doing so well God bless you all for what you’ve done and continue to do to keep all the animals healthy at the Cincinnati Zoo

Ann Boivin D’Abiose I have a big question guys… can you still kiss and pet her or now she is bigger, it is too dangerous? In other words, is she still recognize the staff who took cake of her?

Gloria Hernandez Love her. I have learned so much about hippos. They are quite the animal. Fell in love with her from the beginning. So glad to see her magnificent journey.

Amber Cronen Maybe they could call it something else – like “crimson balm”. “Blood sweat” has an icky ring to it.

Jackie Fazekas She just wants everyone to see all her beautiful features. Has she heard from Timothy?

Candi Miller Fiona u are just so cute u made me smile. Thank u for the information that u give to us I’ve learned a lot about hippos since Fiona was born. So thank u again,,  Kisses to u Fiona

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