Fiona the Hippo 2021 at Cincinnati Zoo Updates , Video, Photos

Latest Updates on Fiona the Hippo 2021

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Fiona is the loveiest hippo in the world if you never knew Fiona, you might have missed a lot of good stories about Fiona. In addition to the adorable images often shared by fans, there are videos to help you see fiona’s image and weight today Fiona the Hippo 2021 is a lot bigger this year than she was in her birth, but still has the same lovely featuress as she did as a child.

Have you ever seen Fiona’s ears or when Fiona was having fun, sleeping or eating a birthday cake. Those moments are unforgettable for Fiona lovers today, let’s go watch the latest pictures and videos about Fiona together. Let’s take a look at the latest images of Fiona the Hippo 2021, the videos and images will be updated in the fastest way here

Fiona the Hippo 2021 Uber

Typical Fiona behavior!  The portly princess catches a ride on her mom’s back all the way to the other side of the pool


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Just a hippo walking on two legs — no big. Fiona thinks she’s people.

Easy, breezy, beautiful – Fiona. Iconic. Fiona the hippo has reached model status. It’s like she’s in a shampoo commercial

That tongue! She’s a snacker. Just a video of Fiona munching on lemons to brighten your day…

The images above are the latest on Fiona, indeed she is very adorable right, hopefully you continue to love and follow about Fiona even more

Fan react to Fiona the Hippo 2021

Susan Swearngan Ferguson
This girl is precious!! I have watched her since she was born, and I always look for her posts. She brings a smile to my face every day! Love you, Fiona!
Jeannette Brohl
Awwww Fiona is so beautiful
Her precious face always puts a smile on my face.
Love & hugs to you Fiona!
Janice Gravelines
I’d love to know who figured out that hippos like lemons. Fiona, you must have lemon-fresh breath!
Gail Ellison
Fiona is such a character…love posts of her. Evidently lemons don’t affect her the way they do me…they make my mouth pucker up

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