Fiona the Hippo Calendar 2019

Fiona the Hippo 2019 Calendar 

We are excited to be working on the 2019 Fiona calendar and again need your help to determine the cover photo. What photo would you like to see on the cover?

Fiiona the Hippo 2019 Calendar 

A    –   B

Today's the day!!! You can now pre-order the 2019 Fiona calendar on our new online store!

Fiiona the Hippo 2019 Calendar 


Fiona the Hippo 2019 Calendar :  Here

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Viewers voted: 

Dorothy Conley A, she looks like she is grinning!!

Amy Laraman A. The blue makes her stand out more

Mary Kendall B…no, A…no, B! Wait, no, A! No, no, B for sure! Well 

Shirley Ann Hester Schoors A. She looks like she is smiling.

Teresa Maynard They’re both so adorable. I just can’t choose.

Mickey Frye Are the holidays marked on this one?

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