Fiona Showing off Her Famous Ear Wiggle.

Fiona enjoying some yummy squash.


Fiona showing off her famous ear wiggle.

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Viewer reactions:

Heather Parker Fraser I want to lounge in a pool and have someone throw me snacks too. LOL. Love Fiona.

Dena French I've loved hippos since I was 5 (now 48) but this last year has been so wonderful for me.Fiona is the cutest hippo I have seen.

Laura Panter Thomas I almost drove 6 hrs just to come see her but I changed my mind cause I didn’t think my car would make it

Naveen Anwar Cyphers She is so freaking cute! Even when eating she is adorable. I could watch her eat all day. I love her!

Betsy Lewis-Bowie Thanks Fiona.. I was just about to lose my mind over the news. You make my day better.

Kathy Gable Harper We got to see Fiona in person today! It was so great to finally get to see her. She is precious

Peggy Becker Oh, look at her. She's so cute. Just like she knows. She knows that little person wants to say Hi, and she is there. Fiona blows my mind.

Marianne Weitzmann Fiona's one of those celebs who remembers that fans are everything. And she's gonna have her babyface for life 

Susan Letson Love, love, love her ear wiggles. They make me giggle even when I am having a bad day.

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