Fiona the Hippo Swimming with the Fishes.

Fiona the Hippo Swimming with the fishes.

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Viewers reacted to Fiona the Hippo Swimming

Lynn Davis I can’t believe how she’s grown! So different from that tiny preemie!

Barbara W Switzer She’s looking more like a hippo everyday 
Are you still goin* to love her when she’s full grown. 
I will as we watched her struggle to live and I believe she loves people

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Jen 'Newton' Zappulla She is so posing for that camera! “Make sure to get my good side!”

Bill Weaner The fish are tilapia used to eat poop and other waste in the pool and love Fiona the Hippo Swimming

Sharon Haab Smith I love to read all of the comments. We are all in hippo love with our beautiful girl. So much nicer than hateful political posts. Her pictures and posts always make me smile

Debra Enderle This picture makes it hard to believe that Fiona was ever a preemie weighing only 29 pounds. You've come a long way baby.

Missy Sullivan Poppenger Oh, my goodness, little Girlie, you are changing so fast. Your cuteness remains, but oh what a Lady you will be. Your incredible.

Bekah Pringle Big girls growing up so fast!!! Soo happy to see her growing happy and healthy! Keep up the good work Fiona's care team!

Ginny Czechut I hope Timothy The Hippo is enjoying her pictures and is getting his own Fiona Fix! Fiona, make sure to HippoSwipeRight! We are all rooting for you and your handsome suitor

Caitlin Witman Fi, you must be growing up and gaining some “lbs”, your calendar coincidentally fell down today!!! I guess my fridge couldn’t handle your cuteness love Fiona the Hippo Swimming

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