Father Ray Kelly Audition: AMAZING version of ‘Everybody Hurts’

Father Ray Kelly takes us to church with AMAZING version of ‘Everybody Hurts’

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Father Ray Kelly Audition

Tissues at the ready, Father Ray Kelly is taking to the stage for a totes emosh performance of R.E.M’s ‘Everybody Hurts’.

Viewers reacted to Father Ray Kelly Audition

Gillian Mulvany He’s my local parish priest. He performs at mass every Sunday when he’s there. The official video of Hallelujah is part of my sister and her husband’s wedding day.

Jim Banks He's already famous though! He has cd's/dvd's out, meant to be about discovering people not the already famous. He is good but shouldn't be on there.

Mhairi MacSporran That was beautiful, sung so perfectly.. instantly reduced me to tears due to losing my grandad a month ago

Amanda Jackson This is the priest who helped us with our family tree research last October. He was an integral part of us finding our Irish relatives who we had been looking for over a ten year period.Sandra Tuke xx

Maire Oakes Worked with Fr Ray when he was chaplain in school I worked in ……when he came to classes he would ALWAYS sing for them ! So proud to see him tonight !

Nena Castro Martínez I'm so happy to see a Catholic priest in one of these contests! It gives them a chance to achieve a dream they might've had for a long time and it also helps to give the Church a good image and promote vocations! <3 I really really hope he wins… I've seen so many incredible acts but as a faithful catholic I really want for him to win! 

Kelly Reid Aww, I wouldn't say it was amazing but I liked it. It was like a message from a priest to everyone that is struggling at the moment!! I listened to every word x

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