Families Belong Together March Immigration Protesters to Trump

Families Belong Together: Rallies Protest Immigration Policy

Families Belong Together March

Thousands of protesters gathered across America to demand President Donald Trump's administration reunite the divided families. Protestors moved by accounts of children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, pmarched Saturday in major cities and tiny towns across the U.S. to demand President Donald Trump's administration reunite the divided families. 

More than 700 planned marches are expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people across the country, from immigrant-friendly cities like Los Angeles and New York to conservative Appalachia and Wyoming under the banner Families Belong Together March

Alicia Keys and America Ferrera were among the celebrities who spoke at the events in Washington D.C. this morning.

Rallies are planned in New York City on the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. But other cities have jumped on board across the U.S.

Celebrities' speeches at the Los Angeles 'Families Belong Together' march 2018.

The New York City rally events began at 10 a.m. Washington D.C. events were planned for 11 a.m. and ralley events in Los Angeles start at 2 p.m. (all times Eastern).

In New York City, thousands began chanting "shame!" and singing "shut detention down!" before their planned march across the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Viewers reated to Families Belong Together March

Sharon Deyoe This protest is not about the separating of families invading the USA as they enter it illegally. This is the RESISTANCE simply protesting their HATRED of President Trump using this latest platform.

Chris Tye You sponser a family, feed, house and provide medical. Along with taking full responsibility for any actions they take to include disappearing. If it comes out of your pocket you will sit down and shut up

Joseph Tackett Don't they know the president signed an order to reunite them in thirty days or did CNN not tell them? Ah yes, because they are actually just protesting Trump because they are still butthurt sore losers. do not like Families Belong Together March

Carole Pardue What families are these people talking about?? If it's the immigrants they made their choice to use their families in this way!!! They gambled and lost!!! If ur gonna protest anything protest against bullying and killings that are happening to our young people today

Joe Mitchell A nation of immigrants that entered legally through Ellis Island. Almost everyone marching in these protests were born and raised in America. If they came over from another country, they did so through the correct process on becoming an American Citizen. Many of these people protest just to protest. They just look for ways to March against President Trump. Its really sad.

Lisa Griffin Every single person marching feel free to take a family to your home and take care of them with NO ASSISTANCE FROM THIS COUNTRY!! That way we can proceed to take care of our Veterans and citizens that were born here or came here legal!!

Jody Kiniry None of these protestors must have been effected in no way,what so ever,with the ripple effect of these immigrants,entering this country.Ask a mother who has buried a child,or families that have been denied help,because,well,the funds can't help the world,as they run out,and fast.Hard to believe Americans are protesting,for any involvement in this criminal activity.How have these children even been verified to be their own,when they claim they are??They haven't.Keep protesting.Our country and our own problems are getting more tragic by the day.Their fifteen minutes on these news sites,is the longest i have ever seen,and they are Loving it.Sympathy card worked for them,very well.

Fran Staten I think all of you protesting take a illegal family home with you and take care of them. That would eliminate all the protesting. oh BS Families Belong Together March

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