Top 10 Falcons NFL Memes 2021 – Lost All These Games

It seems to me there’s a cultural problem with this team. Losing from in front is ingrained. They need to break up this whole group from front office to the players and start from scratch.

Falcons NFL Memes 2021
Falcons NFL Memes 2021

This doesn’t even include that “game-losing touchdown” Gurley accidentally scored against the Lions earlier in the year when Matt Ryan told him specifically “do not score.”

The cowboys collapse was on of the best lmao not a fan of either team but it’s the way Atlanta played in the final 5 minutes that makes it so amazing

Atlanta is probably the most PATHETIC team in the nfl
That roster every year is super bowl contenting but they continue to screw it up every year. Whether it be a blown lead or incompetent coaching or getting stomped by a team that they shouldn’t lose to
They have pissed away Matt Ryan and julios career
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