Ex-Colts WR Marvin Harrison Caught On Camera Attacking Man With Baseball Bat

Ex-Colts WR Marvin Harrison Caught On Camera Attacking Man With Baseball Bat

Marvin Harrison was one of the more quiet players during his playing days with the Indianapolis Colts but since retiring, the Hall of Fame wide receiver has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This latest footage comes from Terez Owens, where Harrison is attacking someone, who apparently owes him money while holding a baseball bat:

@terezowens pic.twitter.com/9tRlsFLYUq

— Terez Owens (@TerezOwens) April 25, 2018

Harrison, who retired from the NFL in 2009, runs a company that owns roughly 80 properties around Philadelphia, including housing, a sports bar and a car garage.

Back in 2008, Harrison was sued in a civil lawsuit by Dwight Dixon, a convicted drug dealer, after both were shot outside the car garage owned by Harrison. The gunfight resulted in one man dead and another with a bullet in his body.

Viewers reactions:

Cory Tharpe How did he get in the hall before T.O. Again?? lol because T.O. Knew he was the best and talked loud about it.. Marvin only killed someone.

Aj Thomas "We had our words….comments spat.."

"So I kissed em upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat my name is mud"

Kevin Keegan He's got a sketchy past but this looks like the camera guy was trying to set up Marvin… I didn't see the bat hitting the guy either.

Sean McGrath Remember when he was the “good guy” “respectable” receiver in the NFL? Goes to show sometimes the guys constantly talking shit aren’t the bad guys after all

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