Evander Holyfield’s Son, Elijah Holyfield, Plays RB For Georgia & Looks Like An Absolute Monster

Imagine seeing a hole open up in your defense line and seeing this man child heading straight toward you.

That will be the reality for SEC linebackers next college football season when Evander Holyfield’s son, Elijah, takes the field splitting carries for the Georgia Bulldogs backfield.

My goodness 

Evander Holyfield’s Son

In case you’re wondering how a college kid could look like this, take a look at Holyfield as a high schooler 

Viewers reacted:

Clint Jenkins Mike Tyson's son will be MLB. 

Once Holyfield's son fumbles. Tyson's son will bite his ear off.

Chris Salmasi He will be the third string RB at UGA this season lol.

Kevan Rivera What in the actual fuck…. this isn’t photoshopped?!

Shahzeb Nasir Andrew Downs id rather try and tackle a pickup coming at me 60mph

Jerry Wolfy Barrera Mike Tyson is probably thinking this kid can do what his dad can't and pin his ears back.

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