The Judges Take A Chance On Emyrson’s Raw Talent – American Idol 2022

It’s a dice roll on raw talent! Until now, 16-year-old Emyrson’s just been putting out videos from her bedroom, so she can’t BELIEVE she’s here singing on Idol. The judges preferred the softer end of her audition rather than the much louder beginning.

Watch Emyrson Flora American Idol Audiditions performance tonight

The Joke by Brandi Carlile – She grew up singing in her room for her parents and can’t believe she’s made it to American Idol. It’s hard to believe she can imbue a song with so much mature emotion at only 16 years old. Production did that voice over thing, and I wish Emyrson would have been allowed to just sing. Her voice is incredible. But the judges indicate that the back half of the song was better than the beginning. Katy thinks she has a lot of raw talent. Lionel liked the last part of the song, so he wants to roll the dice. They all decide to give Emyrson a chance. She promises a “fully cooked” singer in Hollywood – 3 yeses.

 She’s never performed on stage before, and is very intimidated right now. She sits at the piano and sings. She’s so lost in her performance, she has a few pitch problems. But her phrasing is unique. Emyrson is through to the next round.

Viewers react to Emyrson Flora sings The Joke

Sonya Peterson
She has a beautiful, powerful voice. I wish her diction was better. I have never heard that song, and honestly couldn’t hardly understand any of the lyrics. She does this weird thing where it sounds like she has food in her mouth or something when she sings. She doesn’t speak that way.  ehhh gonna be a no from me dawg. I am a yes for her . U know she is 16 right now, and she can grow into the idol stage , it’s her journey, so that’s why I said yes , and go to Hollywood, and just know she can do it .

David Bowles
Its funny, Lionel and Luke wait for Katy to comment after a performance I guess because they take her lead as to whether a contestant is good or not. Or they’re afraid to go against her, she’s kind of the boss, lol. I can’t believe the ones that they let go thru. This maybe the last year I watch cause I can’t believe how they determine who goes thru and who doesn’t and love Emyrson Flora American Idol performance tonight

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