The Four 2018 Season 2 Elijah Connor Audition Performance

The Four 2018 Season 2 Elijah Connor Audition Performance

28 – Detroit MI – Love by Musiq Soulchild –  He’s been singing since church choir.OH PRINCE IS HIS COUSIN OK. Also, Aretha Franklin is a family pal  Martha Reeves is his Godmother. Before he passed, Prince advised him to follow his artistry. He’s under so much pressure, coming from music royalty, he says. He’s wearing a leather jacket adorned with furs. Diddy is impressed. Not as much that he’s “music royalty” suggesting that they might have to do a DNA test on break. He’s winking at the audience. Dude has some ATTITUDE. Not sure that it’s warranted, however.  I mean…he’s no Prince. Or even a Martha Reeves! But he’s delivering a solid performance.He hit a couple of impressive notes. Khaled wonders if he can beat any member on The Four? He sings a little bit of his next song for Khaled. Meghan agrees with Khaled. “Detroit is in the building,” says Elijah about his prospects in any battle. “I didn’t like it at all!” says Diddy, “You came to swagged out and didn’t deliver. “Too many tricks” he says. “But I know you’re talented. THREE RED RINGS ELIMINATED – Well, they took him down a peg or two OR THREE. And he’s pissed. But then, he thanks them for the opportunity and leaves the stage. “He came out here too cocky and didn’t deliver” says Diddy. 

Elijah Connor sings “Love”Claims He Is Prince's Cousin.This the full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant or challenger on The Four Season 2 Episode 3 

Viewers reactions:

Jasmin Davous I'm from Detroit and I just don't know what happened with this one lol smdh conflicting interest

Stephen E Anthony Umm no. The background vocals were better than the actual performance

Dei Wilson Too much. I know you should make it your own, but he took it too far from the original

Shaunna Mcclendon Worst performance on the the four period. Im disappointed

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