Best Eddie Island American Idol Hollywood Week 2019 Performance

Eddie Island Returns American Idol Hollywood Week 2019

Eddie Island American Idol Hollywood Week 2019

Eddie Island American Idol Hollywood Week 2019

American idol season 17 Hollywood week starts on Sunday & Monday ( March 24 & 25) at 8/7c on ABC with 40 contestants performances in front the Judges

Eddie Island – 1974 (Original) – He’s passionate about singing originals! The year means nothing to him (but it is the year Seacrest was born). I woke up and somebody had written it on a whiteboard. Kat wasn’t impressed with the song. Neither am I. 

Eddie Island sings "I'll Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie at Hollywood Week.

Franklin resident Eddie Liggitt III, better known as his stage name Eddie Island, is gearing up to go to Hollywood on Monday as one of the top 20 contestants in American Idol’s 17th season.

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Eddie Island bonds with Katy Perry during his audition! See him sing an original tune, "Stay Okay" in front of the American Idol judges.

A graduate of Cedarville University in Ohio, Island made the big move to Nashville in 2015 after visiting the city for a Paramore concert, and never left. While the concert spurred his move, he had always dreamed of moving to Nashville in his pursuit of his dreams to one day turn music into a career. Based on his performance so far, that seems like a surefire thing.

Eddie Island sings Stay Okay

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Viewer react to Eddie Island American Idol Hollywood Week 2019

Julia Thornton Welcome to the island should be the name of his first album

Manny Batcho Love the originality, this guy is pure living life and vibing out.

Christian Wilde Katy Perry, I love your unique personality. Those googly eye nails are interesting. You always make the show interesting.

Maryann Chury He sure has his own style and with some voice training he could be a winner

Nichole Marie McCann Estrada I'm not sure how I feel about his voice. He needs to do a little less shaking in his voice and choose a different song. Maybe sing a counting crows song.

Lydia Hines Jolly He sounds a tiny bit like Ed Sheeran, just the storyline in the song. I think his quirkinesses will run thin soon enough. Or he will be a diamond in the rough and continue to shine.

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