The Four 2018 Season 2 Ebon Lurks Audition: Photograph Performance

Ebon Lurks sings “Congratulations” The Four Season 2

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Ebon Lurks Audition

Ebon Lurks sings “Photograph”.This the full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant or challenger on The Four Season 2 Episode 3 

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 22 – Tulsa OK – Photograph by Ed Sheeran – He’s an R&B singer and doesn’t get much of an intro package. Hm. He’s by himself. His laid-off from work grandma couldn’t afford to fly out. He has no parents. His FBI dad was killed by drug gangs. They came to his house and shot him five times. The performance is…underwhelming. His falsetto is weak and pitchy. This performance needs more dynamics. There’s a total lack of excitement. “That made me want to cry,” says Meghan.Diddy says, “I think you’re holding back a little bit.” I agree. But he gave Diddy a “feeling” but “You can’t eat if you ain’t hungry.” Khaled thought the performance was “cool” but he needs more growth.Oh man. They let this guy through. Cannon fodder! They even made us wait through a commercial break for a result – 3 rings – Ebon Challenges Jesse He’s prolly too skeerd to challenge the others

Congratulations, Ebon Lurks

Carvena Jones vs Ebon Lurks – I barely remember either of these artists. Carvena was an original knocked out week 1 by Majestie Person. Ebon was…erm…Oh he lost to Jesse Kramer in Week 3. 

Carvena Jones – I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston – EEP this song choice. She doesn’t have the chops to do this song justice. It’s an emotionally flat performance. Zzzz. That was not good. 

Ebon Lurks – Congratulations by Post Malone – At least he chooses a contemporary song. A much better song choice, suited to his vocal style. He’s not about to hit any big notes either. But the song’s vibe is about putting out a chilly vibe. 

Meghan calls Carvena “confident.” Diddy says “I was able to hear you as an artist.” he says to Ebon.He’d sign both of them though. Fergie says it was the closest battle of the night. Carvena wins the Challenge. Ebon is Eliminated. WELL I DO NOT AGREE. Ebon won that battle easily.  Carvena challenges Leah-Jeneah

Viewers reactions:

Talia Stinson His second performance was better than the first, really talented guy.

Diamond Rice Choosing jesse is going up against a whole diff genre

Dei Wilson It was a tough call. They both were good. Great attitude.


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