Eagles TE Zach Ertz Rips Fox News For Using Pics Of Him Praying As Kneeling Propaganda

Zach Ertz woke up not too pleased with Fox News Tuesday morning after they used pictures of him praying before a game during a segment covering President Trump’s decision to un-invite the Eagles to the White House in part due to them kneeling.

Fox News likely used the images of Ertz and others praying due to the fact that there was no Eagles player who knelt during the anthem prior during the 2017 season.

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Viewers reactions:

Sara Kucharski Philadelphia Eagles Facebook page banned me from commenting on their site because I agreed with the President. They even deleted my comment
"I stand with our President since the players didn't deserve to be at the White House if they refuse to stand."
If you're not with the leftists, then you're censored.

Joel Forslund Anything to distract the sheep of this country who still believe Democrats and Republicans are different parties.

Scott Hudson Yea I have seen multiple "news station" use wrong pictures of players praying to fit their agenda….

Christopher Carbone Well Fox news isn't news or journalism. It's a propaganda tool for ultra right wing nut jobs. It's part of the reason the country is where it is now.

They also report opinion and provable lies as "news". Fox news is the original "fake news" and Currently operates as official state sponsored news. Simply propaganda

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