Eagles Fan Gets The Most Suspect Tattoo You’ll Ever See Of QB Nick Foles

We’ve seen out fair share of tattoos of Nick Foles and considering what he did for the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia, understandably so.

So this went down the other day

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But one man has taken it too far. Wayyyy too far with this ink of the backup QB showing off his booty.

Oh, how the tides have turned! Eagles fans, your Philadelphia 41 New England 33 shirts are now officially LIVE! 


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Viewers reactions:

Braxton Bennett I understand its still pre seasom so not many browns jokes yet.. but really? This shit is somehow relevant enough to post? Wow..

Joe Swafford Has more super bowl MVPs than than 99.99% of the worlds population so.. not even an eagles fan either

Nick Shepherd Some things you can't unsee. I shouldn't have clicked on that. I should not have clicked on that.

Anthony Croce This is a fan base that ate horse shit. Dignity went out the window a long time ago. 

Who here is surprised?

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