America's Got Talent 2018 Duo Transcend Semifinals Performance Video

Duo Transcend Trapeze Duo & ROLLER SKATES IT’S FLAWLESS Semifinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018

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The guy has a disease that’s diminishing his eyesight.During the judge cuts, he dropped his wife,. but then they redeemed themselves during the Quarterfinals. The duo promise to do something completely different this time. After a bunch of  crazy acrobatic stunts he PURPOSELY drops her into a fire pit! And then dives in after her. They don rollerskates to do more stunts on the floor (remember that roller skating couple from a year or two ago? There’s no hair involved this time. Still, the stunts were pretty crazy. They definitely stepped it up. “How many ways are you trying to find to kill your wife,” says Simon. He let’s the lords name slip out in vain. Oops. “You deliver everything you need to deliver,” says Howie. Mel B calls it “flawless” and “Nail biting.” Heidi calls them “insane.” 

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