Duo Transcend: Dangerous Trapeze Act Goes Wrong – America’s Got Talent 2018

 Duo Transcend Audition 

Imagine performing trapeze when you can't see


This married couple from Salt Lake City performs a stunning trapeze performance. Watch as the stakes are high and they fly even higher.

This married duo are a trapeze act. They have a toddler son. The husband has an eye disease. Eventually he’ll go blind. OK then. She’s already broken bones due to falls, but she would never do it with someone else. She crazy. Simon jokes that his own body “is close to perfection.” The act is intricate and DANGEROUS. He’s not tossing her around like you see in some acts, but the moves are impressive. Simon thinks the duo are finals worthy. Mel wasn’t entirely impressed, though.Howie felt it really displayed their close relationship. – 1 No 3 Yeses

Duo Transcend: Dangerous Trapeze Act Goes Wrong 


Trapeze Artists – Tyce has a progressive eye disease. He can’t see very well–he’s blind in his right eye. He goes according to sound and “feel.” She’s already broken her foot doing the act. Mel wasn’t impressed last time. He’s hanging upside from a bar while he twirls her around–above fire. They really step it up from last time. Mary’s mom sits in the audience with their kid looking really nervous.  OH NOES They attempt a blindfolded “death drop” and she falls. TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL. Oh well. Maybe that wasn’t so dangerous. She falls on what looks like a safety platform, and jumps right up. They want to try it again. Simon says that’s not necessary. Mel is now gushing over them. 

Actress Olivia Munn is next week’s Guest Judge.

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