AGT’s SEXIEST Audition?! Acrobatic Dance Duo Excites The AGT Judges – America’s Got Talent 2019

Duo MaintenanT America’s Got Talent

 Sheena Booth participated in the World Games in the early aughts and was a contestant on America’s Got Talent with partner Arthur Davis in 2006. Her current partner is Nicolas Besnard. Together they were awarded the Silver Medal at the 31th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris.

 They performed as friends, eventually fell in love, married and had a couple of kids. The dream is to produce their own shows. The act is part dance, party acrobatics. It’s  graceful and romantic. At one point, he swings her under his legs and up, holding her by her hands. The strength and agility exhibited here is impressive. The big trick–she balances on his forehead on one hand. Wow. The judges are up on their feet! Julianne calls them the best acrobatic act so far. “I am blown away.” Simon calls it “perfection.” He calls it a 10. Gabrielle wants to get her husband Dwayne in on the act. Howie calls it dangerous and scary. But he was thrilled.  – 4 yeses.

Former Cirque du Soleil Artists and Silver Medalist in Paris at the 31th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, performing at "Benissimo" Live TV


Beautiful Mesmerising Dance from Duo MainTenanT

Duo MainTenanT – Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

Viewer react to Duo MaintenanT America’s Got Talent

Rita Letourneau This act was amazing… I wish agt would show more of the acts that go through instead of the acts that get the times I feel the show wastes my time.. but again I understand that to some,the bad acts are entertaining. Good luck contestants!!

Diane Maria So surprised that Simon didn't recognize Ludivine Furnon! And, she is as gorgeous as ever! So happy to see her happily married with such a guy! So sad that Songland isn't next! WHY???

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