Drunk Alabama Fan Runs Onto Field During National Championship Game

So we’re off to an awesome start to the 2019 National Championship Game as both Clemson and Alabama have exchanged touchdowns and unfortunately for this female Alabama fan, she will miss the remainder of the game because she decided it was a good idea to run onto the field.


Viewer reaction:

Chandler S Findlay Trevor Lawrence Held an interview earlier today on the Rumours of Him Being a Ma'am, He did Indeed confirm that he is actually a Sir

Blake Hosler She was trying to find her cousin/husband

Steve Zied Not sure what's funnier, this or the fact that they actually call this a national championship game.

David Bickham Going to the University of Alabama: $20,000. Attending the national championship game: $5,000. Getting arrested before the game even starts: Priceless. I’m sure she has made her parents proud

John Mueller Waldbaum Definitely, a woman from Alabama as it took 4 guys to lift her.

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