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Dad Defends His Son’s Down Syndrome

 Down Syndrome Definition Shirt

Wil and Lily are best mates experiencing childhood together 

The fact that they are both diagnosed with Down syndrome only strengthens their bond.

Dad Defends His Son’s Down Syndrome

This Dad’s emotional video on his son’s Down syndrome is the definition of parental love 

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 Down Syndrome Definition Shirt


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Viewers reactions:

Maria Solano Ahahaha, so so cute they are sweet friends ! So funny ! Mr Chris & Alyssa, thanks for visiting Australia ! giving so many people a voice! You two of course are both so so special too love  Down Syndrome Definition Shirt

Shelli Erwin You didn’t fail your son. Instead of educating only those three people, it prompted you to make this video which is helping educate and touch thousands of people……and may include the three in the store, eventually. 
Don’t be so hard on yourself, you clearly have a kind and loving heart. 
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Linda Wright I do not know you but I have just met one of the most loving and caring fathers in this world. You did not fail him, God gave you a light to see what a special angel he sent you and the knowledge to show all of us how to love. God bless you and your family you are very special

Eli Steele You Sir have not failed your Son it's a blessing you have each other he is a special spirit. Life's lessons are sometimes overbearing but can turn into a great oppritunity down the road by learning from all of it! You seem like the kind of father we need in our communities Gods speed

Nathan Ward This video touched my heart sooooo deeply this dads honestly is so heartfelt I found myself asking who raised this guy my mom raised a nephew with DS the first seven years of his life then gave him back to his parents but cared for him the last 20 yrs of his life the second saddest day of my life was when my big brother David left my world he always gave the best bear hugs in the world his love for me was unconditional and mine for him he epitomised pure love, really love  Down Syndrome Definition Shirt

Ben Thompson You man have not failed. I cannot make judgement on whether you should or shouldn’t have spoken up, it’s all in the moment. But by expressing your thoughts in such a heartfelt way, you have succeeded in educating some and underlining that what others think and simply showing that you’re a very decent bloke and a proud father. Be proud of yourself and continue to walk upright and tall. You’re a beautiful Dad.

Elaine N Noel Cooke Don't you dare say you failed your son !! Your love for him is outstanding. He's lucky to have you has his should be proud .thank you for sharing this with everyone. just orderd 2  Down Syndrome Definition Shirt, thanks you

Anne Lee I salute you .You are a great dad.Im a special needs teacher.I hv students who are down syndrome.They are so caring and pure in heart.i hv a boy who is a down syndrome stays with me for tbe past 15 years.He cares for me better than my own son.Be proud of your son.

Terisa Gnann I have 2 nieces with DS and they are awesome they are the most loving, caring,beautiful children. If we were anything like them there would be so much love in this world.God Bless each one of these kids .This father is so right about people not knowing what D S is please when u see their faces and their smiles it will make u smile right along with them these kids are awesome, love  Down Syndrome Definition Shirt

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