Doug Kiker sings Bless the Broken Road on American Idol 2020

Doug Kiker American Idol

Doug Kiker American Idol 2020
Doug Kiker American Idol 2020

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Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts – The episode kicks off with the “garbage man.” He’s only sung on the truck. Never for an audience. Lionel suggests that Doug follow host Ryan Seacrest outside to “warm up” in front of a crowd on the sidewalk.

“You are going to be his first audience,” says Ryan. After another hopeful (Camryn) and a commercial break, Doug is back on the seal. Doug says he’s auditioning today for his two year old daughter. He’s bowled over by Katy “I’m sorry, you’re so pretty!” Star struck. He sings   but it’s more like bellowing. After yelling his way through the song.

Katy asks him to “show us your range.” He seriously doesn’t know what that means. Luke sits at the piano, and he launches into Broken road again, as the judge coaches him. This audition is 100 percent backstory. This man’s singing is rough.

Lionel tells his he’s “a hell of a man” before handing him a golden ticket. Katy is left crying. Doug won’t last one day in Hollywood, but God bless him. – 3 yeses

Douglas Kiker is one of the best singers on American Idol Auditions season 18

Douglas lives in Grand Bay, Ala., which is presumably where he’s employed as a sanitation worker.

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Viewer reaction:

Cortney Daniel Luke Bryan is so amazing. I just love him, him and the other judges were so generous to help him. He’s got this. Hes definitely has a great voice.

Mary Ann Crebase As far as I am concerned he won already. Great humble man and great father. Thanks to all three judge’s for there help that is what this show should be about.

Wendy Jensen I like all 3 artists but this just makes me like them even more. Lionel is like the Dad, Luke is the Uncle, and Katy is the sister.

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