“Don’t Make Me Fight” He Cries Out Loud While They Bite Him All Over

Dogfighting still exists, especially in parts of the world where it isn’t illegal or the laws aren’t strictly enforced. Sometimes the dogs used as ‘bait’ to train the fighters are dumped when they are severely injured and become a liability. Dogs like Phoenix fall victim to this every single day. By sharing his story, we can bring awareness to a problem that still exists despite what people think.

Courtesy Of DogRescue

Phoenix was dumped on the streets near Mexicali. His body was covered in horrific wounds. He was so skinny and scared. His head had been bitten so many times that it was swollen beyond recognition. It was so swollen, in fact, that he could no longer open his eyes.


Courtesy Of DogRescue

A woman, named Virginia, thankfully found him in time and took him straight to the vet. The vet confirmed what they suspected. Phoenix was a bait dog. He also tested positive for Ehrlichia. He was extremely underweight and anemic. His liver was damaged as well. This poor baby needed extensive treatment… and a lot of love.


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