Donchez and Calum Courtney are through to the GRAND FINAL of BGT

Our second act through to the Final is… Calum Courtney

Thought Donchez’s Wiggle and Wine couldn’t get any better?

 Calum Courtney melts hearts at the Semi’s

Viewers reactions

Ben Jones I'm sorry but one great singer went out for someone who can't sing, brave lad for doing the show but not a very good singer.

Ben Mealing I’m sorry but how?! Don’t get me wrong, Callum is really nice but B Positive choir deserved it much more

Asia St Hilaire His voice was flat and he was boring and easily forgettable. Symathy vote just because he is a kid. Those magicians should have got through to the final. The final is going to be so dull, mainly singers

Alice Price So many nasty comments from adults who should no better!! I thought he was amazing & well deserves his place in the final! Hes a little star and as a mum to a autistic child, i no just getting up on that stage is a massive achievement in itself. Well done young man… your just amazing. You have my vote 

Nicole Jade Ali This show is turning into a disability show.. it’s about talent.. not about people’s feelings! And the wheelchair people will get through too because of the story not the act. A joke!

Tracy Jacob Nah sorry not my winners tonight, silly dance song that he did last time, Callum very cute, and very clever using his "mum" in the song, always pulls on people's heart strings ….just my opinion

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