President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, August 1st

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, August 1st:
· Meeting with Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
· Meeting with inner city pastors 
· Meeting with Republican members of Senate

President Trump Rally in Tampa, Florida – President Trump MAGA Rally in Tampa, FL

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Viewers reactions:

Shelby Langley Was a wonderful Rally !! Need to run the Media to a foreign country. You negative people get you some Democrats Like Bummer you’ll find out about. Oh but Love Him , no jobs plenty of Illegals with their Loaded EBT. Congress Stealing our taxes Nancy and Maxine Stealing for their husband business no Rules.

Audrey Cormier Congress it is time ID to voted. Many states it is mandatory already for years. Make it the Law for all states in the United States of America.

Laurie Spinsby Durgin And unlike the other Presidents ; you might actually be able to help them at least partially…. (in spite of broken homes and families and communities which is the biggest problem)…. Creative , excellent teachers and counselors would help and smaller class size and tons of PE and recess! It is hard to fix a community of lost hopes and dreams…. and run by drug gangs and corrupt political machines….WEGOWEGA! Do what you can…. we would like to see those kids get a chance!

Lillian Mccray Thank you for your dedication. You are amazing.! Blessings to you and your wonderful family. Thank you for teaching us to honor our FLAG and being a person of faith and saying it outloud.

James Price In comparison here is a typical congressional schedule: Do Nothing, Do Nothing, Do Nothing and then go home to their states and bash President Trump. Any questions on why we need to continue to drain the swamp…..

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