Donald Trump Real News Update March 24

This was a busy, but very productive week — accomplished a lot! Watch for the REAL news.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the horrible attack in France yesterday, and we grieve the nation’s loss. We also condemn the violent actions of the attacker and anyone who would provide him support. We are with you Emmanuel Macron!


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Viewers reacted:

Steve Osborn sorry I'm a total supporter, but when you signed that bill, I was disgusted,sign a bill no body read , all the pork, all the things you said you were going to stop, i feel like you let us down,

Mahmod Bkar Donald Trump is the first President I have seen in the past two decades that actually is a leader. He doesn't care about polls or criticism. He does what is right for America. Trump 2020!

Jan Harris Congrats on that budget bill you signed. Nice security Wall being built–IN ANOTHER FREAKING COUNTRY!!! PP still financed. Money for Sanctuary States. It's loaded with crap and anti MAGA. I totally understand why the Democrats are so happy——NOT SO MUCH FOR YOUR BASE.

Rosie Roush

Trumps promises NOT KEPT:

No WALL. Never will be. Mexico is laughing.
No "better" healthcare.
She isnt "locked up" and never will be.
He never "sued" his accusers.
The so called "tax cuts" is a guise and benefits only the swamp creatures. 
Only the "best" people. (The white house is a revolving door)


Bill Lunebach Trump can spend the money on anything he wants.This is a bill not a budget. He will spend it wisely. Have the US Army engineering core construct the wall,build the military,fortify the tribunals and witness protection facilities, fortify Gitmo,fortify ICE etc etc

Lavida Rei Supporting my President 100%, no matter what — you never lose your enthusiasm and drive. Please keep up the good fight. Your real supporters will not waver. KAG2020


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