Donald Trump Real News Update With Lara Trump March 3rd

Donald Trump Real News Update With Lara Trump

I will always be committed to the American people, and I will always put AMERICA FIRST.

I will always be committed to the American people, and I will always put AMERICA FIRST.

Người đăng: Donald J. Trump vào 3 Tháng 3 2018

Bonnie Bruce YES!! Only the shiftless, lazy, entitled losers will be upset by this great news! American Pride and the American Work Ethic are alive and well thanks to ALL of the hard-working Americans and this President!

Anthony Conrod Making America Great Again will not come easy. Building this big ol country back up will be a lot like Jenga, and President Trump is going to take everyone from the bottom and put them on top, except for the swamp people. He is working hard at removing the swamp people from his administration, even the ones he put in there. That’s just how efficient he is. AMEN!

Robert Hosid At 5:00 when the news hits the TV, you won’t hear or see any part of this for sure = If you wabt the truth- view FOX on the cable

Newell Cheatheam Do not touch the 2nd admendment. Same people that took prayer /God out of schools and pledge to the flag is trying to take our guns and change 2nd admendment!

Dan Sainovich So improved background checks- is that still on your list? Confiscating firearms from dangerous people and allowing them due process to get them back- is that still on your list? Have we received the $35 billion from Mexico yet for the wall? I always enjoy your propaganda TV.

John Michael Fortunately 65 percent of people don’t believe a word you say and rising. Mr Mueller will have the last word on your Administration. Indictments coming for Jared, Don Jr and eventually You. Then what will you do ? Mr Big Shot.

Jason Gentry I want to know what your intentions are on hr 5087 Mr president! Please do not trame our 2nd amendment rights! Please say you agreeing to this garbage is a joke! If you sign this I promise this will be a one term run for you! I support you and voted for you because You stood for the regular people so please keep standing for us!

Richard Bernstein The more i think about this situation i think gun ownership is not the problem there are 300 million guns on the street right now.The problem is the reckless use of the gun and using it to threaten others should be a very serious felony .and all threats to use a gun must be considered real and against the law.naturally that does little to deter crime and murder among st criminals but nothing we do seems to stop that.Saying you are going to comeback and kill people with your gun that is something we could do something about before it happens change some laws so this is against the law,mandatory investigation and confiscation of weapons to get them back falls on the owner and makes them have to prove their competent to have a gun.Red flags of gun ownership violations could add up to a felony mandatory gun confiscation?just a thought

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